• Jake Bogert

FaithWay Academy Site Revamp

1. Adding Blog / News Section

  • In order to keep students updated on a daily basis, we wanted to create a blog / news section that students in yearbook class and staff could edit alike.

  • Administrators can update both the website and social media in just minutes, where as before - they had to email their website developer, wait up to 2 weeks and pay them per hour. Now, its done in as little as 3 minutes!

2. Easy to understand tuition.

  • We set out to help potential parents understand how Faithway's tuition is more affordable. Scholarship info is easy to understand.

  • Contact us forms are placed at the heart of the information to entice more applicants to inquire.

3. Mobile Friendly

  • We wanted to appeal to younger generations, now that 60% of online traffic is on mobile alone.

  • Everyone can now easily check out the latest news, sports schedules and school lunches for the month.

Check out more information here:

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