• Jake Bogert

Cinch Gaming Christmas Campaign


Create an engaging, Christmas themed Campaign for gaming customers of all ages.

2. Engaging Customers with custom content.

  • We used the name Cinchmas, combining both Christmas and the name Cinch Gaming. This was incorporated in several places on the homepage as well as in the email blasts sent to potential customers.

  • We created custom images using both stock and photos taken in house to create pictures such as this.

2. Engaging Customers with custom content.

  • We created multiple Christmas themed graphics utilizing elements from the website. These graphics were present on our website, social media and email newsletters.

  • Creating a large library of custom graphics is a fantastic way to keep your content fresh and allows you to use them in multiple places. Content recycling is mitigated here because the content is spread out over 3 outlets.

3. Turning potential interactions into paying customers through email blasts.

  • We used daily email blasts to re-enforce an ongoing sale. Repeat targeting allowed us to reach potential customers on an ongoing basis.

  • If they missed the email on day one, they most likely opened another on a following day.

  • This proved great for sales and allowed us to re-use the content we created earlier.

4. Small things make the difference.

  • We created Christmas themed social media profile pictures and header images.

  • Small things like this tie it all together and help potential customers seal the deal.

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