Know your audience to impact revenue.

If you are selling farming tractors, why are 13-18 year olds in the suburbs seeing your ad? 

Using specific ad targeting can save you loads of money. Only spend on customers you want to reach.

We utilize facebook and google's targeting to help you reach potential customers who actually want to buy. We can target location, age, gender, and most importantly interests.

We do this through SEO (Search Engine Optimization - think Google) and engaging social media targeting.

Top the lists.

Using SEO, we can help your website target key phrases and interests people might use when searching for companies like yours.

A great example is "____________ near me".  Believe it or not, this is one of most commonly used phrases when searching online.

We take advantage of Alexa Web results to check which keywords are working currently, and then expand on that. We will optimize your site using keywords related to your business. If certain ads are costing you more and not doing so hot, we will remove that keyword and spend where it counts.